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Peka's Corner

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Kia ora!

Meet Peka, our furry bundle of batty cuteness. Just in case you haven’t noticed - we are huge bat fans here at Waikato Museum and Peka is our friendly mascot. He loves meeting visitors and having a bit of fun with them. Peka sometimes has special surprises for his fans - so be sure to be on the look out for Peka next time you’re in!

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Personality profile

Name:  Peka [pronounced pê-kah]

Date of birth: How old? New Zealand bat researchers have found a 22 year-old long-tailed bat!

Place of birth:  Hamilton

Address:  No permanent address - loves to move around for a change of view and spends a lot of time at his hang-out, Waikato Museum

Hobbies:  Speed flying - he’s attempting to break the long-tailed bat record of 60km/h! Dancing to his favourite songs (click here for a sample – Echolocation song, Pekapeka song by Levity Beet)

Favourite food:  Gnat flies, juicy mosquitoes and crunchy moths

Other likes:  Big old trees with lots of hiding spaces, ‘Peka says!’ game

Pet peeves:  Bright street lights, cold evenings

Major peeves: Scary rats, possums, stoats and cats