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2021 National Contemporary Art Award Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Conditions of entry for more detail.

Who is eligible to enter?

Entry is open to permanent New Zealand residents and citizens. Employees and contractors of Waikato Museum or Hamilton City Council are not eligible to enter.

Where do I enter and what is required

Entry is online and details are on the entry form. You can enter more than once, but each entry must be paid for on a separate entry form. The entry fee is $50.

Will late entries be accepted?

No, late entries will not be accepted.

Why didn’t my entry go through online?

  • Check the size of the electronic image of your entry (images must be high quality JPG file format and no smaller than 800x600px. 1280x960 is recommended.)
  • Check that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions by ticking the box.
  • Check you have identified and completed a payment option – to pay the entry fee.

Definition of an Artist Statement and Catalogue Statement

The Artist Statement describes the intention, inspiration or ideas that inform your artwork in 150 words or less. This text will be used for the gallery label if you are selected as a finalist for the exhibition.

The Catalogue Statement is an abbreviated version of the Artist Statement in 50 words or less, to go in the exhibition catalogue.

How many entries may I submit?

You may submit multiple entries, there is no limit. Each entry requires payment of the $50 entry fee.

What would disqualify an entry?

Entries that are missing any of the following requirements will be disqualified:

  • A full name, mailing address, and email address for the entrant on the online registration form
  • Payment of the entry fee
  • Digital files that do not open or do not play will be disqualified. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of entry.

Who will judge the entries?

The judge for 2021 is Karl Chitham.

How will I know if my work has been selected for the semi-final round of judging?

Entrants will be advised if the judge has selected their work as a finalist via email the week commencing Monday 14 June 2021.

So what happens if my work gets selected as a semi-finalist?

If you are invited to the semi-final round, you’ll receive a letter/email and an information pack. You will be given instructions in that message on packaging and where to send your work.

Can I enter an existing artwork?

Yes, however it cannot have been previously exhibited. The entry must be created for, and to be first viewed, at the 2021 National Contemporary Art Award.

Does the entry have to be my own work?

Yes, all entries must be the sole, original work of the artist.

Where is the awards ceremony?

The award ceremony is held at Waikato Museum, 1 Grantham Street Hamilton. The ceremony is by invitation only.

Who may attend the awards ceremony?

All finalists will be invited to the awards ceremony.

If my work requires electronic equipment who supplies this technology?

All installation, maintenance and operational costs are the responsibility of the artist, including the supply of audiovisual and/or technical equipment e.g. computer, display monitor, data projectors, sound equipment, electrical wiring and electrical certification. This equipment must be supplied for the duration of the stated exhibition period. Your work will not be exhibited in the case of failure to provide all required equipment.

What if I have trouble getting online due to overloading?

Please be aware that if everyone leaves their entry to the last minute, overloading may become a problem that we cannot control. Try to submit your entry earlier, and contact Waikato Museum if you are having problems with your entry. Entry will close at 1pm Wednesday 2 June 2021. We do not accept late entries.

Does it have to be an online entry? Can I do a paper copy?

Waikato Museum has chosen to use the online entry system for these awards as it allows us to provide a more efficient process. The online system ensures the entrant can be sure of exactly what has been entered and the judge can access entries easily.

Who can I contact about any technical problems with my entry?

Contact us via email or phone 07 974 0550.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?

You will receive an email acknowledging your entry to the National Contemporary Art Award. Receipt of this email also confirms receipt of your entry fee and image upload. Should there be any issue with your payment you will be contacted within three working days of us receiving your entry.