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National Contemporary Art Award


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Detail from 2010 finalist: Cultivation Of A Pearl Is A Twinkle In My Eye By Kelly Pretty (left) and 2005 finalist Palagi by Megan Knarhoi-Hansen (right).

The National Contemporary Art Award can be described as brave, colourful and never shy, an award which takes on an exciting genre – contemporary art. Contemporary art is simply described as art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. In other words, contemporary to us. Or more simply, the art of now. We are very privileged to host this well-known art award.

Key members of the Waikato Society of Arts initiated and launched what we now know as  the National Contemporary Art Award in 2000. Gavin Hipkins won the inaugural Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award and received $10,000 for his photo of a soap dish. 

Every year a new judge is chosen with the credibility to choose the finalists and the ultimate winner. Through elimination, it is the judge who curates the award, shaping the final exhibition as well as choosing a winner and merit award winners.

2021 National Contemporary Art Award

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Past Winners - a History

National Contemporary Art Award past winners and judges

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